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Blogroll update

I’ve added a whole slew of warhammer-related blogs and sites to the blogroll/link (direct your gaze over yonder to the right bar, sirrah!). Also changed the theme. The whole white-text on black-background really isn’t very friendly.

If anyone spots a broken link, be so kind as to whip up an irate email and send it winging on it’s way to skurmish AT gmail DOT com. Or just post a comment. Whatever.

Also,  come ’09, keep an eye out for a new initiative by Syp from Waaagh! (I’ll have a post about it Jan 1-2 or thereabouts). WAR needs more good press, it’s deserving and worthy of it, so watch this space!


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As is usually the case with this seesaw of a game, I have to take some of my earlier comments back. I finally dinged 40 and spent the past few days almost exclusively embroiled in ORVR.

Yes, all the problems with performance persist. Yes keep sieges are still a huge zergfest.
Here’s the thing though. Tier4 changes things a bit. There’s enough people around that you can start strategising. It might be rare that it happens, but it can. There are a couple blokes on Hirn at T4 who are starting to take command, and that simple act changes everything.
Guys like Bionic are respected, and now that our generals are starting to show their mettle, things are turning around for us.

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Divide and Conquer

divideI’ve spent the last few days at 40 focusing almost entirely on RvR. Little to no Scenario playing, instead I’m focusing on trying to get my Influence up, and perhaps get my Renown to 38 so I can use the purple Influence rewards.

It’s going to be a fair amount of grind but here’s the thing : as frustrating as RvR CAN be due mainly to performance problems, it remains probably, in my opinion, one of if not THE best way to indulge in an MMORPG endgame. I literally cannot believe, today, that I found raiding in WoW ‘fun’, compared to this.


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dingallstandardIt’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, the last 4 months of WAR. Finally, after what felt like forever, dragging my heels through Tier 3and 4, fooling around with alts and taking a timeout to get some console gaming done, I returned to my Ironbreaker and made the final push to 40.

I have to say, it was worth it. Punishing Blow is super cool. Heh. We heard you like dps’in so we put some dps in yo cc so you can dps while you cc. Nothing like snaring, PB’ing and punting a Witch Elf off a healer to just Make Your Freaking Day

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A few real world circumstances have conspired to keep me from WAR for about a week now (dead graphics card, getting an Xbox, Fallout 3 being awesome, etc) and I’m actually rather thankful I have. It’s given me some perspective. You see, playing Order has become a bit of a Scenario grind. It’s about all that Order has left to do, at least on my realm. Destruction has, effectively, already won.


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I got Xbox’ed

So here’s a post that has nothing at all to do about WAR or MMO’s… at first.  The Skurm went out and bought an Xbox. What spurred this impulse buy? Well, a string of hardware failures left my screen and graphics card toasted so while I wait for both to be replaced by warranty/insurance claims, I figured I needed something to keep me busy. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, get back on the console scene. No hardware or software incompatability hassles, just pick up and play. I like that. I got myself Fable 2 while I was at it. Playing this amazing RPG it really struck me. MMORPG’s are yuck. (more…)

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1.1A First Impressions

So far it seems this patch has been a successful one. Unfortunately it seems to have also introduced some glitches of it’s own : buff indicators occasionally not expiring, and weird animation bugs where my toon gets ‘stuck’ in a certain position until I do something else. But for the most part, the new rvr influence rewards seem to have sparked life in rvr, even in the lower tiers, the rewards themselves are awesome, and my client’s performance seems to be far better. The cast-delay bug seems either completely gone or at the least less pronounced for the most part. The game is still far from being perfect but I believe it is nearing the point that we can call it relatively polished, and finally actually out of beta.
All they need to do now is fix a few persistant bugs, and keep adding content particularly to the rvr lakes (i’ve seen some PQ’s in T4 Praag already so it seems they’ve taken the advice of commentators on this aspect and are starting to look at making the rvr areas less ‘sparse’).

All in all, I give it a big thumbs up. This is why I keep playing this game.

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