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Farewell, Azeroth

It’s been a wild ride, Azeroth. I’ve come and gone, seen your sights many a time, ridden off into the sunset only to stroll into your lush lands once more on a sunny morning.

You promise great things with new lands and a reimagining of your world, soon. And perhaps I will return again to explore your paradise of conflict and beauty, to do battle with the dragon aspect and enjoy the cameraderie of my peers. But, right now, I can’t be certain that I shall. This world, the re real one, has so much beauty of it’s own to explore. And time, we have so little of it. And while I love you, Azeroth, and everything you stand for, and everyone who resides within your virtual walls… I can no longer dedicate so much of my soul to you.

Perhaps a future awaits where I tire of this world once more and choose to wile my time within your world. Perhaps. None can see what the future holds.

Farewell for now, Azeroth, and to you who remain, may your travels be wondrous and filled with joy, discovery and excitement.

p.p.s Skurm will continue to blog at his ‘real life’ blog, skurmish.wordpress.com


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