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Farewell, Azeroth

It’s been a wild ride, Azeroth. I’ve come and gone, seen your sights many a time, ridden off into the sunset only to stroll into your lush lands once more on a sunny morning.

You promise great things with new lands and a reimagining of your world, soon. And perhaps I will return again to explore your paradise of conflict and beauty, to do battle with the dragon aspect and enjoy the cameraderie of my peers. But, right now, I can’t be certain that I shall. This world, the re real one, has so much beauty of it’s own to explore. And time, we have so little of it. And while I love you, Azeroth, and everything you stand for, and everyone who resides within your virtual walls… I can no longer dedicate so much of my soul to you.

Perhaps a future awaits where I tire of this world once more and choose to wile my time within your world. Perhaps. None can see what the future holds.

Farewell for now, Azeroth, and to you who remain, may your travels be wondrous and filled with joy, discovery and excitement.

p.p.s Skurm will continue to blog at his ‘real life’ blog, skurmish.wordpress.com


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I’ve tried a lot of different classes, roles, archetypes in WoW. Started out tank, tried dps, back to a tank/dps hybrid, then a healer, again a tank/dps hybrid, a short stint as ranged dps and now primarily back to melee dps/tank hybrid.

After 4, nearly 5 years of doing this I’ve realised I only really excel at dps. Every time I pick up this role, I do well. I do decent numbers, I do what I’m told, I don’t die in fire. Healing never really gelled, and tanking, while fun, has always been more of a side project.

It’s with this final realisation that I decide to choose to walk into Cataclysm as pure DPS. Sure there’s a glut of us, sure the lack of flexibility and options is sometimes paralysing, sure 15 minute queue times is going to be a tough nut to crack. But on the good side it’s only one set of gear to work towards as opposed to two or even three, and it’ll give me a lot more free time to do other things.

I was really, strongly considering picking up the tanking role for Cataclysm. Demand will, as always, be fierce. Or even perhaps giving healing a shot again. But in a small moment of self-realisation the other night, I realised I’m a competitive person. And the only real way to be competitive in PVE, is to be DPS. I like being at the top of the charts, and living with hybrid tax is punishing. I no longer want to be hovering around the number 2 or 3 spot. It was with a bit of chagrin that I realised, had i stuck with my mage rather than picking up my DK again, that #1 spot could very likley have been mine today.

Ah, well. Better to realise your true calling late than never. Now the choice, for Cataclysm, hovers between Rogue? Or Hunter. Hmmm.

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Recently I’ve begun to wonder whether getting the 2 piece Tier10 for more AoE threat is worthwhile. Thing is, which actual bosses in ICC require strong AoE tanking? Let’s see…

Marrowgar? Nope

Deathwhisper. Kinda, but I’ve had zero problems so far

Gunship. Nope. If you’re going over, you’re on Brann. If you’re staying, you only really need to tank the Sergeant.

Saurfang. Nope.

Festergut. Nope.

Rotface. Nope.

Putricide. Nope.

Blood Princes. Nope.

Blood Queen. Nope.

Valithria. Not really. Just as long as you DnD the worms after the abom goes down. The frost mage simply needs to be mindfreezed, and the blazing skeleton’s Blast Wave can’t be tanked, neither can the suppressors or that other thing that needs to be kited by ranged. So even though there are a lot of adds running around sometimes, you don’t really need to be AoE tanking them.

Sindragosa. Nope.

Lich King. I dunno, haven’t tanked this. I suspect for the offtank, tanking those ghouls in Phase 1, but if DPS is doing it right they won’t even need much aggro since offloading that disease onto them is the proper way to do it. Dunno bout the rest of the fight.

In a nutshell, ICC requires no real AoE tanking whatsoever. It’s pretty safe to say you don’t need 2XT10 and/or the DnD Glyph as a raiding tank, then. So why do so many people out there say that these two elements are vital? For trash? Just let the pally or warrior do it. Is trash really serious business? Are people really so worried about raid trash and running heroics that they’ll blow precious Frost Emblems on 2xT10? Naw, man. Naw. Buy the nonset plate instead. Get that trinket, it’s godly. Buy the cloak, the 264 chest/belt/etc and patch it up with some 245 gear. As a tank, focus on single target threat and survivability. A few dead dps who can’t control their aggro isn’t a train smash. A dead tank on the other hand, is a wipe.

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I was browsing MMO Champion‘s veritable buttload of new screenshots and whatnot today – and a comment struck me as interesting. It was, simply,

“The game looks like Crash Bandicoot”

Which is quite true, really. The screenshots look incredibly crisp, clear and cartoony.  Of course, that’s the way WoW has always been, hyper stylised and colourful, but with increasing tweaks to the aging engine it’s looking more and more like a console platformer. There are some who’d say it even plays that way.

Most really popular games, though, use colour to great effect. The human brain is attracted to vibrancy. I’m sure Northrend’s icy monotone chased off quite a few magpies. Cataclysm looks set to rectify that, and being able to blow up and rebuild the world appears to have given the developers an excuse to inject as many high contrast greens and reds and purples as possible.

Be sure to have a gander at MMOCs’ frontpage over the next few days as it looks like we’re set to be continually barraged by a deluge of images from the F&F Alpha.

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